Coachella 2013 (Survival Guide)

This year, Coachella Music and Art Fesitval in Indio, has an amazing lineup of artists and performers.  Paul Oakenfold, Social Distortion (or Social D as they’re more commonly known), Tegan and Sara, Wu-Tang Clan, and 2 Chainz are just a few of the amazing performers in the lineup.

Personally, I’m more into The Stone Roses, Descendents and Dropkick Murphys.  My favorite band for the past 20+ years, Red Hot Chili Peppers, are of course headlining Coachella this year.

The point of this all is to say that there are attorneys who can relate to you and the festival.  This in turn can help you defend your case in the event that you are arrested.  The following is information to help you keep from getting arrested.  If you drink, take a cab or have a designated driver.  Be on the lookout for cops.  Don’t sell drugs.  Don’t get into fights.  Just enjoy the music and follow those simple rules, and Coachella 2013 will be a fond memory for you.  If you do happen to find yourself in hot water with the police, then call the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache for immediate help!  You need a criminal defense attorney in Indio who understands you, the festival and the law.  You need an Indio criminal defense attorney who can fight to protect your rights.  You need an Indio criminal defense attorney who you can depend on.  You need Indio criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache!

Empire Polo Grounds Map

The Empire Polo Grounds, where Coachella Music and Arts Festival is held in Indio, California, is a huge facility!  It is easy to become separated from your friends and lost.  I’ve attached a map so friends can plan ahead to know where they’re going, where they can meet up if separated, where the bands are playing, to basically know everything they need to know.  Very importantly, it is going to be in the 90′s this weekend (sorry Mid-West and East Coast!!) so it is important to know where the water refill stations are!  If you are drinking, please be sure to drink water too, or the effects can be harmful and possibly lead to your arrest.  Be aware and enjoy the festival responsibly!

Coachella Festival 2013 arrest criminal defense attorney

@Coachella Map and Set List for weekend 1 !

On-Site Camping

Of course the best way to not get arrested for DUI is to stay on-site. Camping at the Empire Polo Grounds is a great option for those festival attendees who want to just stay on-site all weekend. The Coachella Fesitval website has some information available.

Some pertinent information:

*Each camper must be 18 years of age or older

*Each camper must have their own festival pass

*Onsite camping opens Thursday, April 11, 2013, at 9:00am and closes on Monday, April 15, 2013 at noon. Early arrival is highly recommended. Cars can check in at 9am on Thursday until 2am, and starting at 9am FRI-Sun (until 11PM). 24 hours for pedestrians.

*Cars cannot leave the camping area between 10pm and 2am

*No wrapped or sponsored vehicles allowed

*No glass containers

*No pets

*No drugs or drug paraphernalia (you are subject to search at any time! Law enforcement will and does conduct undercover operations to discover any illegal activity!)

On-site camping amenities

The Coachella festival sponsors want you to enjoy camping on-site and want to make life easy for you. They offer the following amenities:

*Public showers

*Pubic restrooms

*Cell phone charging stations

*Internet cafe and free wifi

*General Store


Friday through Sunday

Yoga: 8am – 9am / 9am – 10am
Pilates: 10:15am – 11:15am


Chair massages are available for $1/per minute





My intentions are to keep the concert goers safe and arrest free this weekend. As always, the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache would rather have people be safe than get new clients. The following are a list of taxi and shuttle services which are available to Coachella Fest goers.  However, as there are thousands of people expected in the Valley, it’s always wisest to book early.

American Cab: 760-322-4444

Airport Taxi: 760-328-CABS (2227)

Yellow Cab of the Desert: 760-568-3838

SunBus: 1-800-347-8628

Private limo: 760-404-4531

Vans and Sedans: (800) 233-6393


The following are road closures, expected delays and recommended routes for the two weekends during Coachella 2013 (April 12-14 and April 19-21). There are 200,000 people expected both weekends, which means driving in the area will be treacherous at best. Be careful and aware while driving. Know that the Indio police department will be increasing their DUI saturation patrols while on the lookout for drunk drivers. Drug and alcohol arrests make up more than half of the arrests during Coachella fest.

SLOW moving route during Coachella 2013

Delays will be especially difficult, they said, on the following roadways:

* Jefferson Street, southbound, from I-10 to Avenue 52
* Washington Street, southbound, from I-10 to Avenue 52
* Monroe Street, southbound, from I-10 to Avenue 52
* Highway 111 at Jefferson Street
* Highway 111 at Monroe Street
* I-10 exit eastbound at Jefferson
* I-10 exit eastbound at Monroe

CLOSED roads during Coachella fest 2013

The following roadways will be closed for the event:

* Avenue 49 between Hjorth Street and Monroe Street
* Avenue 50 between Madison Street and Jackson Street
* Hjorth Street between Avenue 49 and Avenue 50
* Madison Street between Avenue 49 and Avenue 52

RECOMMENDED routes during Coachella 2013

In order to navigate around the traffic chaos, traffic officers recommend the following alternate routes:

* North and South travel, use Washington Street, Jackson Street, Calhoun Street and Golf Center Parkway
* East and West travel, use Fred Waring Drive, Miles Avenue, Avenue 52 and Avenue 48


Last year, there were 235 arrests over the 2 weekend period.  Most of those arrests were drug or alcohol related.  There were so many arrests for underage drinkers/fake IDs that the Riverside District Attorney created a whole new program to deal with them.  We at the Law of Stephanie M. Arrache helped many people successfully get these charged dismissed against them.

There were also many undercover operations targeting drug sales.  Many people were entrapped and arrested for selling drugs.  Many of these were good people who never even intended or tried to sell drugs.  These cases are very defensible.

The Indio police join forces with several other law enforcement agencies to conduct the under cover operations.  They are involved in all aspects of the Coachella Fest arrests.